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Don’t Miss “Lincoln the Politician” on Thursday, January 13

By David J. Kent

Washington, D.C.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Our special course presentation continues on Thursday, January 13 with Lincoln Group president David J. Kent discussing “Lincoln the Politician.” The program begins at 6 pm. Note that this special course is in addition to our monthly speaker program.

Last week, Ed Steers highlighted Abraham Lincoln’s life from birth up to the age of 28, the exact half-way point in his life cut short. While Lincoln worked much of his adult life as a lawyer, his passion was politics. David Kent will deep dive into Lincoln’s life as a politician, beginning with his days in the Illinois state legislature, his single term in the U.S. Congress, the politically active but out-of-office 1850s, and the trials of his presidency. We’ll look at the major issues in Illinois and the nation and how they influenced his views on slavery, internal improvements, and ultimately, the survival of democracy in America.

If you haven’t yet, please RSVP to ensure you get an email reminder with the Zoom link.

This lecture is part two of a four-part course. RSVP here for the January 20th presentation of “Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief” and RSVP here for the January 27th presentation on the “Legacy of Abraham Lincoln.”

Each of these sessions will be followed by Q&A from the participants, so have your questions ready. We’ll also be recording each session for later use in the Lincoln Group’s public outreach and education efforts.

Take a moment now to hop over to our events page and RSVP for the remaining sessions of the course. While you’re there, RSVP for our January 18th speaker, Dorris Keeven-Franke, who will be talking about Archer Alexander, the former enslaved man depicted in the Emancipation Memorial statue in Lincoln Park, just east of the Capitol in Washington, DC.


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