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Lincoln Group History




The Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia was organized in 1935. The founders were scholars and elected officials who shared a wish to meet regularly in the national capital to study and promote the governing philosophy and perpetuate the legacy of our 16th president.  Several founders were also active in other important history initiatives in Washington.  U.S. Representatives Fred Schwengel and Chauncy Reed, and Victor M. Birely were appointed by Congress as incorporators of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society.  These founders governed the Lincoln Group until 1950 when Lt. Bert Sheldon, Sergeant-at-Arms of the U.S. House of Representatives was elected president.


Today, the Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia is an active institution dedicated to a better understanding our 16th President. Programs and events are designed to promote study of the life and leadership of Abraham Lincoln. In recent years, the Lincoln Group has worked with the National Park Service and other organizations to create major programs that celebrated and interpreted the 150th anniversaries of Lincoln's first and second inaugurations; the Emancipation Proclamation; The Gettysburg Address; the Assassination; and the Funeral Train procession to Illinois.  Panels were assembled to analyze Lincoln's policies regarding habeas corpus, military justice, and race relations. Regular meetings promote the scholarly work of prominent authors and researchers.  Opportunities are given for rising younger talents in Lincoln studies. Many of our programs are available in the video archives of the C-Span 3 History Channel. 

We welcome new members of all ages regardless of your knowledge level.  Just bring your interest in joining our conversations about what Lincoln means for us today. 

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