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Letter from the Editor

Meet Wendy Swanson:

Wendy, a long-time member of the Lincoln Group, edits the organization's quarterly publication, The Lincolnian, and over the years has penned numerous articles for the newsletter.   She belongs to numerous historic and environmental organizations, on both a local and national level, and serves on the board of The Friends of Ft. Ward in Alexandria.  She has written on presidential china and the history of “spirits” for exhibit catalogs for other organizations.  Recently retired, she is finding time to devote to her multiple interests including theater, travel, birding, and exploring spots of history and nature. 

The Lincolnian Story

The Lincolnian is a major part of the Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia.  For many years we have been reporting and updating our members with pride regarding anything and everything Lincoln.  Stay tuned for news and updates.

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