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The Purpose of the Lincoln Group of DC is to further the values, attitudes, and ideals of our greatest President. He exemplifies how individuals throughout life can work through adversity and meager initial opportunities to develop their talents to contribute and lead. What a gift could be given young people by studying his life when they are still forming their identity and life goals.

There are over 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States, but surprisingly only a few courses on his exemplary life. Fortunately, the professors who offer those few semester-length courses have generously agreed to share their course structures, reading lists, and syllabi here.

This is a living project. Please let us know of others not listed here. We want to broaden knowledge of these courses and find other educators who may draw inspiration and ideas from them. The email addresses of the professors with experience teaching these courses are included. We hope others will design and teach their own courses to engage young people on their path of development.

Our country is always in need of leaders, as well as educated followers. A leader is a person others follow. We need leaders at all levels, in all institutions, organizations, and communities. We believe educators can inspire some students to emulate his noble and visionary example. Students who study his life will understand how over his short life he actively developed and nobly dedicated himself to the Common Good.


"Getting Lincoln Through College"


Focus on the work of

Professor Tyler Anbinder

at George Washington University

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