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Don't Miss Ed Steers Highlighting Lincoln’s Youth – Thursday, January 6

By David J. Kent

Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Long-time Lincoln Group member Ed Steers will highlight Lincoln’s Youth on Thursday night, January 6, 2022, beginning at 6 pm ET. This event is in addition to our monthly speaker program.

Three Lincoln Group members developed and presented a continuing education course last October to members of Arlington’s senior community. We’ve updated the course and are presenting it free to all Lincoln Group members on succeeding Thursdays in January. Ed Steers gets us started by tracing Lincoln’s life from parentage and childhood in Kentucky, his formative years’ growth in Indiana, and finally to his first forays into Illinois. Ed will cover Lincoln’s first 28 years, which coincidentally, is exactly half of the years that he lived.

If you haven’t yet, please RSVP to ensure you get an email reminder with the Zoom link.

The second session of the four-part course will be on Thursday, January 13 at 6pm. David J. Kent will speak on Lincoln as a Politician. (RSVP here)

The course continues on January 20th at 6 pm, with David J. Kent delving into Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief. (RSVP here)

John O’Brien will wrap up the course on January 27th at 6 pm, focusing on the Legacy of Abraham Lincoln. (RSVP here)

Each of these sessions will be followed by Q&A from the participants, so have your questions ready. We’ll also be recording each session for later use in the Lincoln Group’s public outreach and education efforts.

Take a moment now to hop over to our events page and RSVP for all four sessions of the course. While you’re there, RSVP for our January 18th speaker, Dorris Keeven-Franke, who will be talking about Archer Alexander, the former enslaved man depicted in the Emancipation Memorial statue in Lincoln Park, just east of the Capitol in Washington, DC.


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