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Welcome to the New Lincolnian

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

A Message from Editor Wendy Swanson

Washington DC

February 18, 2021

Our organization dedicated to better understanding the life and vision of Abraham Lincoln is now more that 80 years old. The Lincolnian has been our journal and medium for communication with the members of the Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia since 1935. But the time has come to move beyond the limitations of print format to engage a larger community of Lincoln-interested readers. I am excited at this opportunity for engaging new audiences in our mission of discovering the significance of Lincoln's life in our nation's discourse today.

This electronic journal welcomes contributions from our members, scholars and all of Lincoln's friends who wish to share thoughts on continuing to make our nation "a more perfect Union." Our members will continue to receive an email copy of the standard Lincolnian, along with their other special access benefits. Please come back often and enjoy this platform for presenting and discussing views on the modern impact of our 16th president.

About the Lincolnian Editor:

Wendy, a long-time member of the Lincoln Group, edits organization's quarterly publication, The Lincolnian, and over the years has penned numerous articles for the newsletter.

She belongs to numerous historic and environmental organizations, on both a local and national level, and serves on the board of The Friends of Ft. Ward in Alexandria. She has written on presidential china and the history of “spirits” for exhibit catalogs for other organizations. Recently retired, she is finding time to devote to her multiple interests including theater, travel, birding, and exploring spots of history and nature.


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