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Prisoners Need Some Lincoln Paperbacks

By Richard Margolies

Washington, D.C.

March 11, 2022

When the prison gates slam behind an inmate, he does not lose his human quality; his mind does not become closed to ideas; his intellect does not cease to feed on a free and open interchange of opinions; his yearning for self-respect does not end; nor is his quest for self-realization concluded.”

- Thurgood Marshall

The Lincoln Group of D.C. board has been in contact with several citizen projects that send books to prison libraries. These projects are interested in books on Lincoln for those prisoners who value reading and want to use their time productively to develop themselves. These projects can only use paperbacks.

We have six such books already, and seek at least 15 more. If you have a duplicate paperback or one that you no longer want, would you consider contributing it? Let us know and we will come and pick up your donation, if you are in the Washington area.

We are also discussing the possibility of creating a Lincoln book discussion group, via video conferencing, for prisoners. If you are interested in being a co-leader of such a group let us know. We would create a preparation discussion for co-leaders with the education department of an interested prison. This would not be as rigorous as our own Lincoln Study Forum as participants will most likely be learning about Lincoln for the first time. Lincoln Group members will likely not have to do much preparation to help lead such discussions.

Respond to Richard Margolies at if you have any books, are interested in co-leading a book discussion, or have other thoughts. If you are outside the Washington area, we can discuss arrangements for possible book donations.


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