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Lincoln Group Wins Big Award

By Edward Epstein

Washington, D.C.

Nov. 20, 2022

The Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia won the prestigious Wendy Allen Award on Nov. 18, an honor given annually by The Lincoln Forum at its annual seminar in Gettysburg, Pa.

Lincoln Forum vice chairman Jonathan White said the award recognized the group’s "exceptional work helping the public learn about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era."

In the photo above, from left to right, are Lincoln Group president David J. Kent, Wendy Allen, Jonathan White and Lincoln Forum chairman Harold Holzer.

The award includes the Lincoln portrait in the photo painted by Allen, a noted Gettysburg-based artist and organizer of the 100 Nights of Taps held annually at the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

The Wendy Allen Award caps off a busy year for the Lincoln Group, highlighted by the May 22 event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial held to mark the monument's 100th birthday. The two-hour ceremony, which is available for viewing on C-Span's archives, was co-sponsored with the National Park Service, which owns and maintains the memorial on the National Mall, and the Lincoln Forum.

Kent proudly posed with the Lincoln portrait.

Past winners include the Gilder Lehrman Institute of New York, the Ulysses S. Grant Institute at Mississippi State University and the Gettysburg Foundation.


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