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Lincoln Group Directors and Officers Proposed for June Meeting Vote

By John A. O'Brien

Denver, Colorado

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia, Inc., holds an election for the Board of Directors every two years. The slate for 2022 to 2024 has been presented to the membership at the regular meeting on May 10, 2022. Additional nominations can be made prior to the membership vote at next regular meeting, scheduled for June 14, 2022.

President David Kent is nominated for his first regular term. He has been completing the term of past president John O’Brien since June 2021. Kent will be eligible for a second term in 2024. All other directors and officers are standing for re-election except for treasurer, Matt Perdoni. Matt was responsible for significant restructuring of our organization’s accounting and reporting. His success has resulted in improved cash collection and control methods and clearer, more timely reporting. His efforts are deeply appreciated.

Two new members are proposed. Janet Saros is nominated to the board as treasurer. Janet was born in Detroit, Michigan. Her love of Lincoln was ignited as a child when she visited Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village and saw the assassination chair from Ford’s Theater. She is a Lincoln Group member of long-standing. Janet is a regular participant in Lincoln Group events and the Study Forum. She recently retired from Montgomery (Maryland) College where she taught management for the hospitality industry. Janet lives in Boyds, Maryland.

Scott T. Schroeder is nominated for a vacant board seat. Scott is a native South Dakotan who is now a resident of Bloomington, Indiana. He is a Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer in clinical practice. He teaches his profession at the college level. Scott is also an independent historian and researcher who speaks regularly on Lincoln and Civil War topics. He serves on the boards of the Lincoln Forum, the Abraham Lincoln Association, and the Abraham Lincoln Institute. He is a past president and current program coordinator for the Monroe County (Indiana) Civil War Roundtable.

The complete slate of nominees is as follows:

David J. Kent: President

Debbie Jackson: VP Special Events

Jon Willen: VP for Programming

Wendy Swanson: Lincolnian Editor

Susan Dennis: Membership Secretary

Ed Epstein: Recording Secretary

Janet Saros: Treasurer

John A. O'Brien: Immediate Past President

Craig Howell: at-large board member

Richard Margolies: at-large board member

Rod Ross: at-large board member

Scott Schroeder: at-large board member

The Lincoln Group appreciates the commitment of each of these candidates to serving the best interests of our members. Additional nominations can be recommended for the ballot before June 14, by a Contact note on


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