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From the LGDC Board – Thank You and Happy New Year!

By David J. Kent

Washington, D.C.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

As Lincoln Group of DC president, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who recently donated to the Lincoln Group of DC. There’s a lot in this post, so I hope you read to the end.

A little less than two weeks ago we posted about some of the achievements the Lincoln Group made over the last year and gave some insights into what we have planned for 2022. It all starts with a hugely busy January that includes a four-part Lincoln Legacy course free for our members, a fantastic monthly speaker, and finishing up our Study Forum book analysis. With Lincoln’s birthday in February, the anniversaries of his inauguration in March and the assassination and end of the war in April, and the Lincoln Memorial centennial in May, we’ve planned an ambitious spring.

With all these events coming up, and continued disruptions due to COVID, we asked members to chip in. Many members did just that, with at least $2,000 contributed via PayPal alone (and possibly some checks in the mail). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There is still (a teeny bit of) time to get your donations in before the end of 2021, which qualifies you for a special “new and increased” charitable tax deduction on your 2021 income tax return. Donate here before the Times Square ball drops for the biggest benefit (of course, donations are accepted all year long).

Today is also a good day to become a member. As previously noted, dues go up in January, so joining now will get you in at the old rate.

Plans for the Lincoln Memorial Centennial events are coming together nicely despite the uncertainties caused by continuing COVID restrictions. Look for more details on this website shortly, and in the Lincolnian newsletter due out the last week of January.

We’re also looking forward to getting back to in-person events. More on that as things become more certain.

Again, thanks to everyone who donated (or will soon donate) to the Lincoln Group of DC.

On behalf of the Lincoln Group leadership, we wish everyone a Very Happy and Safe New Year!


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