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Watch Our Memorial 100th Program at Your Leisure

By Edward Epstein

Washington, D.C.

June 20, 2022

C-SPAN's top-drawer production of the Lincoln Group's program marking the100th anniversary of the Lincoln Memorial is now available online.

The two-hour event, which a C-SPAN crew recorded live on Sunday, May 22, was hosted by Lincoln Group president David Kent and featured some thought-provoking speakers and great entertainers. In the photo at left by Bruce Guthrie, singer Felicia Curry sang the Star Spangled Banner to open the proceedings, which were co-sponsored by the National Park Service and the Lincoln Forum.

The recorded program premiered on C-SPAN 2 on June 18.

The production's quality is great and catches the atmosphere of the day's events. It also shows the steady stream of visitors heading to and from the memorial, which draws some eight million visitors a year. It is the most visited memorial in the nation's capital.



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