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Upcoming Lincoln Group Speakers

By David J. Kent

Washington D.C.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Our Vice President of Programs Jon Willen has been busy scheduling upcoming monthly speakers. Those this fall will remain virtual via Zoom, but the plan is to return to in-person meetings beginning with our annual Lincoln's Birthday celebration in February.

Here are the upcoming meetings as currently scheduled. Put them on your calendar and RSVP through the notices here on

October 19: Ron White on his book, Lincoln in Private: What His Personal Reflections Tell Us. (Zoom)

November 14-19: Join many Lincoln Group members at the Lincoln Forum in Gettysburg (In-Person)

December 7: Ed Epstein and Richard Margolies lead "The Great Debate." Was Lincoln cautious in dealing with slavery and prosecution of the war? Or was he audacious, a radical in sheep's clothing? Ed and Richard will give presentations arguing for each, then lead the discussion of members. (Zoom)

January 18: Dorris Keevan-Franke will present on "Archer Alexander: The Monument's Unknown Hero." Archer Alexander is the enslaved man depicted in the Emancipation Memorial statue in Lincoln Park, about a mile east of the Capitol in Washington, DC. Keeven-Franke has been researching the life of Alexander, and will give us insights completely new to the Lincoln community. Do not miss this presentation! (Zoom)

February 8: The Lincoln Group of DC has our annual joint meeting with the CWRT of DC and will feature two eminent Lincoln historians - Allen Guelzo and Michael Burlingame. The meeting is expected to be In-Person at Ft. Myer. Check back here on or at for more info as the date gets closer. (In-Person)

March 26: Join Lincoln Group members at the Abraham Lincoln Institute annual symposium at Ford's Theatre. More details at the ALI website as the date gets closer. (In-Person)

April 19: Michael Atwood Mason, the new CEO and Executive Director of President Lincoln's Cottage to discuss his time at the Smithsonian and his new role at the Cottage. We're anticipating this will highlight our return to Maggiano's restaurant for a full in-person dinner and speaker night. (In-Person)

May 17: We're back at Maggiano's to hear "A Life Worth Remembering: A Sculptural Biography of Abraham Lincoln" through Lincoln statues around the U.S. and around the world, courtesy of photographer David Wiegers. Dave has compiled a spreadsheet of over 400 Lincoln statues, and has photographed many of them. Trivia: There are several Lincoln's statues that include dogs. What other animal does one find squeaking around Lincoln's feet? (In-Person)

June: COVID jumbled our timing for the 2020 and 2021 tours and picnic, but expect the 2022 tour to be back on our usual June schedule, date TBD. If you missed this year's tour, check out Wendy's summary here.

And looking forward, expect September 2022 to be an in-person book launch party at Maggiano's! More info to come.

So dig out your calendar for the rest of this year and 2022 and pencil in the dates. Watch for updated meeting information and RSVP as soon as each date is listed.

Don't forget that Tuesday, October 19th is Ron White!


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