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Happy New Year from the LGDC Board

Updated: Jan 3

By David J. Kent

Washington, D.C.

Sunday, December 31, 2023

As president of the Lincoln Group of DC, and on behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank all of our members for a spectacular 2023 and offer best wishes for a Happy New Year of 2024!

We had another great year in 2023, the highlights of which I covered in this previous post. And 2024 is shaping up to be an active year as well. We'll continue with our monthly programs of either Zoom-only or In-Person meetings. Already scheduled events include Andrew Lang on January 16 (Zoom), our joint LGDC/CWRTDC Lincoln's Birthday Banquet on February 21 featuring Harold Holzer (In-Person Dinner), attendance and support for the Abraham Lincoln Institute Symposium at Ford's Theatre on March 23 (In-Person), Christopher Oakley on April 16 (Zoom), and tentatively Steve Inskeep on May 21 (In-Person Dinner).

But that isn't all. We also have our monthly Study Forum book discussion group that meets via Zoom on Saturday mornings. We'll be finishing up Allen Guelzo's Redeemer President in February and will start on Kevin Peraino's Lincoln in the World in March. I'll have the honor of reading the Gettysburg Address at the Lincoln Memorial on Lincoln's birthday, and LGDC will join other groups to lay wreaths that day. Craig Howell has plans in the works to lead a tour of the Spotsylvania battlefield along with our annual picnic. We also have some special events in the planning stage (happy hour at the LOC, anyone?).

Remember that the Lincoln Group of DC has membership across the country, so we will continue to have Zoom-based virtual events as well as local events all year long.

If you're not a Lincoln Group of DC member, today is a good day to join us. We're open to anyone with an interest in Abraham Lincoln and our programs are made available to members all across the country. Join here! 

If you're already a member, thank you. Member donations are always welcome and needed to continue providing (and expanding) our outreach to the public. The year 2024 is the 160th anniversary of the critically important year of 1864 and we're working on ways to celebrate important milestones. Every donation helps! 

Again, thank you to all our members for your continued support and participation. We're always open to new ideas and new volunteers to help us continue the long history of Lincoln Group of DC excellence.

This will be my final New Year's post as president of the Lincoln Group of DC. I'll finish up three years at the helm in May 2024 and will hand it over to our new president at that time. But I won't be disappearing. I will continue to be active as the Immediate Past-President, and I'm eager to take on new roles with LGDC (more on that later). Until then, join me and the board for all of our planned activities in the spring.

On behalf of the Lincoln Group leadership, we wish everyone a Very Happy and Safe New Year!


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