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Discuss "Lincoln's Legacy," Last of a Series

Wendy Swanson

Washington, D.C.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Lincoln Group presentation series on the life of Abraham Lincoln concludes this Thursday, January 27, when John O'Brien presents "The Legacy of Abraham Lincoln," a look at why we continue to honor the life and career of our 16th president. O'Brien, the past president of the Lincoln Group, has been published in the Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association and other periodicals.

This presentation will trace Lincoln's thought development through five documents: The Lyceum Address (1838), House Divided speech (1858), Meditation on Divine Will (1862), Response to Greeley (1862), and his last speech from the White House (1865). There will be a review of modern era criticisms and the lasting accomplishments from which our nation continues to benefit.

The program series began three weeks ago when Ed Steers presented "Young Lincoln." This talk covered the period from Abraham Lincoln’s birth up to the age of 28, the exact half-way point in his life cut short. Ed reviewed Lincoln's family and work experiences leading to his adult decision to be a lawyer. But his real passion was politics.

For program two, David Kent did a deep dive into Lincoln’s life as a politician, beginning with his days in the Illinois state legislature, his single term in Congress, and the politically active but out-of-office 1850s. David reviewed the major issues Lincoln faced both in his state and nationally and how they influenced his views on slavery, internal improvements, and ultimately, the survival of democracy in America.

Last week, Kent spoke again to critique Lincoln's development as commander-in-chief during the Civil War. He examined the challenges created by Lincoln's lack of military experience, an inadequately trained army, and the complications of having a significant number of the best military leaders resign to fight for the enemy. Ultimately, Lincoln's grasp of the North’s strategic advantages and his selection of a compatible general led to victory over the South.

O'Brien on Lincoln's Legacy will the be the final program in this series. Each of these lectures is recorded. Participant interaction with discussion and questions is held immediately after the prepared presentation. The videos will be available for review with other groups that want an accessible orientation to Lincoln's life and service to our country.

Please RSVP on the Events page to ensure you get an email reminder with the Zoom link.


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