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Wendy Allen's "Emanations" Hit Gettysburg in Time for Halloween

By David J. Kent

Washington, D.C.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Portrait artist Wendy Allen is well known for her varying styles of capturing Abraham Lincoln in paintings. With her new exhibit, "Emanations," she showcases a collection of abstract figurative portraits of Lincoln.

The word "emanations" elicits a spooky feeling in tune with the Halloween season. One definition is "an abstract but perceptible thing that issues or originates from a source." Allen has achieved this through her abstract portrayal of our 16th president. The twelve paintings that make up the current exhibit capture the essence of the man whose place in history is often in the eye of the beholder.

As quoted in the Frederick News-Post, Allen explains that:

I set out to create individual works of art that would combine to convey a singular experience. Guided by color and use of the iconic photographs of Lincoln for reference, I wanted to create abstract figurative interpretations - emanations - of Lincoln.

The twelve paintings will be displayed in the famed Majestic Theater's art gallery through the extended date of December 5, 2022. The Majestic is located at 25 Carlisle Street in Gettysburg, PA.

Wendy Allen is well known to the Lincoln Group of DC. She was a speaker at one of the last dinner events prior to the onset of COVID (note that the Lincoln Group has restarted dinner meetings - check our events page). Allen has been painting portraits of Lincoln since 1983. She operates a studio and gallery - Lincoln Into Art - on Baltimore Street in Gettysburg. Allen also has been instrumental in "100 Nights of Taps" and the Gettysburg Dedication Day festivities on November 19th every year.

Many Lincoln Group members will be at the Lincoln Forum in Gettysburg from November 16-19 for the annual conference. This is a good year to also attend the dedication day activities and luncheon, then head on down to the Majestic to check out "Emanations."


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