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Welcoming LGDC Board Members New and Old

By David J. Kent

Washington, D.C.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

I recently thanked our outgoing treasurer Matt Perdoni and welcomed our new treasurer, Janet Saros. Today I want to welcome one new LGDC board member, plus welcome back our returning board members.

Like Janet, Scott Schroeder officially joined the Lincoln Group of DC board at our June 2022 meeting. He should be a familiar face - in our June in-person meeting at Maggiano's he co-presented with David Wiegers on the new Google Maps-based Lincoln statues database they developed. Scott is also a periodic member of our Study Forum that meets once a month on Zoom to discuss important books about Abraham Lincoln.

Scott is a professional Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer by trade, currently working in clinical practice in southern Indiana. He also works as an independent historian focusing on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era and speaks regularly on those topics. He has led tours for Lincoln-related sites and is in the process of developing and/or co-developing multimedia projects related to the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. In addition to his new duties on the LGDC board, Scott sits on the boards of the Abraham Lincoln Institute, the Abraham Lincoln Association, and the Lincoln Forum. He's a busy guy and we're happy to have him join the board.

We're also happy that most of the previous board members stood for reelection and will be continuing on the board.

After finishing out John O'Brien's term this past year after his move to Denver, I begin my own two-year term as LGDC President. The first year was jam-packed with events, most notably the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Memorial, for which the Lincoln Group collaborated with the National Park Service to put on a grand celebration on the Memorial steps in May. No big anniversaries stand out for the foreseeable future, but we'll have plenty of events to keep me busy throughout my term. We'll start in September with my formal book launch at Maggiano's.

Also returning are Vice President of Special Events Debbie Jackson and Vice President for Programming Jon Willen. Debbie was instrumental in getting LGDC involved in a unique reading of a play on the Lincoln Memorial, among other events. Jon has done stellar work for several years coordinating our lineup of speakers, both on Zoom and now periodically in-person at Maggiano's.

Susan Dennis will be continuing on as membership secretary, a role she's been doing splendidly for as long as I've been associated with the Lincoln Group of DC (she also coordinates with Maggiano's). Ed Epstein returns as recording secretary, keeping records of our meetings and being our all-around media contact. John O'Brien continues as our immediate past president and webmaster. Wendy Swanson will continue her exemplary work as editor of the Lincolnian newsletter and executive editor of the news blog on our website, And finally, Craig Howell, Richard Margolies, and Rod Ross, along with our new member Scott Schroeder, will continue as board members "at large."

Welcome back everyone! And thank you all for your continued service.

One final note: While June brought us our official election of officers and board for the next two years, we always have room for volunteers and future board members. If you're interested in becoming more active in the Lincoln Group of DC, please reach out to any one of us on the board or through this website.

[The photo is obviously not of the Lincoln Group board but of Lincoln and his cabinet. But we like to think there's some resemblance.]


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