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Michelle Krowl Answers the Question - Has the Lincoln Theme Been Exhausted?

By David J. Kent

Washington, D.C.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Lincoln Group of DC member Michelle Krowl is the featured speaker at a special public lecture in honor of Lincoln's birthday, according to a recent release by the Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania.

The event will be held on February 17, 2024, at 1:30 pm at the Gettysburg National Military Park's Visitor Center and Museum in the Park's Winter Lecture Series.

Way back in 1936, historian James G. Randall posed the question, "Has the Lincoln theme been exhausted?" Forty-three years later, in 1979, historian Mark Neely revisited Randall's theme questions. In both cases, the answer was "no." And now, another forty-five years after that, Michelle Krowl will show how "newly acquired materials and the proliferation of digital tools" have given us even more information to review...and allowed us to address different questions about the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln.

Her talk will be Abraham Lincoln in the Archives: "New" Sources, New Questions.

Everyone in the Lincoln Group of DC should know Michelle Krowl well. She is the curator of the Abraham Lincoln Papers, as well as the Civil War and Reconstruction specialist in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress. She received her Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Berkeley, and has written many articles related to Lincoln, the Civil War, Quantico, and the World War II Memorial. She previously worked at the Historical Society of Washington, DC; as an assistant professor at Northern Virginia Community College; and as a research assistant for historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Check out the Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania website for more information.

Photo of Michelle Krowl from Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania announcement.

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