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Come to Dinner April 19th, Get Free Lincoln Stuff

By David J. Kent

Washington, D.C.

Monday, March 28, 2022

The Lincoln Group of DC is going back to live, in-person events with our April 19th dinner meeting at Maggiano’s. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to do it, and members have been clamoring to see their friends and other Lincolnites. Now is the time. And to welcome everyone back, we’ll be giving away free stuff (more details below).

We will meet at our usual restaurant, Maggiano’s Little Italy in Washington, DC. The Friendship Heights Metro is right across the street and there is plenty of parking in the garage next door.

RSVP for April 19, 2022. Happy hour starts at 6 pm ET, followed by dinner and our fabulous guest speaker, Michael Atwood Mason, the new CEO and Executive Director of President Lincoln’s Cottage. Michael will update us on the exciting present and future plans for preserving the Cottage and fostering the Lincoln legacy.

Maggiano’s has even expanded their menu for us. We’ll see some of our old favorites, plus some new items. Be sure to save room for the fantastic new dessert!

To sweeten the deal, we’ll be giving away some freebies!

Every paid attendee will get a free Lincoln book. Which one? It’s a surprise. Everyone will get a different book on arrival, but they will be wrapped to preserve the secret until you open it. Once you get settled in, open your package to reveal the title. Covet your neighbor’s book? Feel free to do like the Lincolns and barter and trade with your neighbors. That isn’t all – one special book will be designated, and the person who ends up with that book will get another free gift.

Want more? You got it.

We will also have a book table set up displaying dozens of the large collection of donated books in the Lincoln Group’s archive. We want to get those books to the people who are most likely to read them – our members. See a book (or three) you like? Take it home in exchange for a donation to the Lincoln Group. You can choose your books and choose your donations. Give us what you think it’s worth. Take what you want; donate what you want!

We’ll have other special giveaways to welcome you back to in-person meetings again. Don’t miss it!

Live far away? We have you covered (or at least we’ll try to). The last two years have shown us how many members we have spread around the country. To accommodate you, we’ll do our best to make this a hybrid event with a Zoom connection. More details on that coming soon.

Of course, if you want a free book(s), you have to come in person.

Please RSVP now and plan to join us. Follow the payment instructions on the website to pay in advance.

See you April 19th at Maggianos!


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