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Plan Your Lincoln Memorial Centennial Day - Parking, Seating, and All the Rest

By David J. Kent

Washington, D.C.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Lincoln Memorial Centennial celebrations are fast approaching. Here's how to plan for the big day on the National Mall, as well as a reminder to join us as several other centennial events. The program has been organized by the Lincoln Group of DC in conjunction with the National Park Service and with co-sponsorship by the Lincoln Forum.

The Lincoln Memorial Centennial program will be held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on May 22, 2022. The program begins at 10 am and should end shortly after 12 pm.

Parking and Transportation: As with all Lincoln Memorial events parking is extremely limited. Attendees are encouraged to take Metro or taxis to the Lincoln Memorial and vicinity. The Foggy Bottom Metro station is the closest, followed by the Smithsonian station, both serviced by the Blue, Silver, and Orange lines. For those who wish to drive, there is limited street parking on Ohio Drive, West Potomac Park, or Parkway Drive. But seriously, Metro is best.

Seating: We will have limited reserved space in the front row for participants. The numbers will be defined by the NPS on the day, so if you aren't directly involved with the program, please find a seat anywhere behind the reserved area. There should be ample seating for everyone.

Weather: If anyone has control over the weather, please order a beautiful sunny day. Barring that, please prepare accordingly. The end of May is a naturally variable time for weather, so check the weather reports. If it looks like it will be hot, bring hats, sunscreen, and water. If it looks like drizzle, bring an umbrella. The program is outside and there is zero possibility of moving inside, so if we get hit with a deluge, we'll get wet.

COVID: All participants and attendees are highly encouraged to be fully vaccinated and boosted. If you feel ill or have tested positive, do not come. This is for the safety of all of the participants and attendees.

Video/Photography: Bring your cameras! That said, the event will be broadcast live-stream and recorded by C-SPAN and we will have two official photographers, so don't get in their way. Please photograph only from your seats so as not to block sightlines. We will make official photos available free of charge on our website after the program.

The Big Photo: As with our 2015 program, we will all gather together after the completion of our program for a grand photo on the steps of the Memorial. Speakers, performers, organizers, and special guests will be in the front, but the general public is encouraged to fill in behind us up on the steps. We'll share the photo online for everyone to download. You can be a part of this once in a 100 years celebration!

Official Program: An official program will be handed out to those who join us as people are seated. This will be a keepsake for all time and feature information about the Lincoln Memorial centennial as well as a thank you to all the people who contributed to the organization and finances.

This is an event not to be missed. In addition, we have a series of related events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Memorial. Check out our Events page for more details.

While we’re at it, the Lincoln Group is extremely grateful to those who have contributed to the production of this event. The time is getting close, but there is always time to offer your additional support to the efforts. Please click on the Donate button above to provide a PayPal donation and for the mailing address to send checks. Thanks in advance!

[Photo from 2015 Second Inaugural Reenactment by Bruce Guthrie]


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