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Campaign for Memorial Penny in 2022

John O'Brien

Washington, D.C.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

The Lincoln Memorial was dedicated in 1922. Next year we will celebrate the centennial of the most popular monument in the national capital. A campaign is underway to return the image of the Memorial to the penny coin to honor the occasion.

The Lincoln Society in Peekskill (NY) has asked Lincoln advocates around the country to petition the Treasury Department to restore the Memorial to the reverse side of the Lincoln Penny. The image was on the penny from 1959 until 2009, when it was replaced with the current Union Shield. Referring to the statue of the seated Lincoln housed in the Memorial, the recommended petition language declares that "it would be a fitting tribute to that magnificent sculpture, as well as a reminder to the American people of the great contribution our 16th President made to this country."

The Lincoln Group membership discussed this proposal at our regular meeting on March 20. It was agreed that the Lincoln Group fo the District of Columbia should support the initiative. A letter of support has been sent to the Peekskill society, the secretary of the treasury and the director of the U.S. Mint. Individual letters of support are encouraged, as well.

The Lincoln Group will be planning events to commemorate the centennial around the official date of May 30, 2022.


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